Table One

playlist. drinks. conversation menu.

What we listened to, drank & discussed ...

Cultivator’s first Table Violette Salon was held in September 2019 at the art pharmacy space in Newtown. Friends from a variety of creative practice areas–design, art curation, architecture, visual art and screen content–came along to talk about practice, failure and more as the conversation wandered and ideas and experiences were exchanged.

the discourse:

The conversation menu for the failure salon included:
Can failure be useful?
Daring to learn from mistakes.
How to spring back from failure.
Are there seeds of creativity in failure?
 Can failure be a catalyst for new discovery?

We’ll be posting discourse highlights here soon.

the beverage:

We sipped Mr Black ‘Cafe Spritzers’, a delightful concoction of Mr Black liquor, tonic and orange rind.

the playlist:

Image attribution: photos from table one held at art pharmacy by cultivator people.

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