" Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world."
Margaret Mead

more than a mission statement, sustainability is our bedrock

Cultivator’s philosophy is that sustainability is an incremental, long-term process.

As part of that philosophy we consider environmental, social and economic consequences in all of our decision making, with the goal to be a positive force in our local community.  

We all have a part to play in caring for and respecting the environment and finite natural resources balanced with prosperous, thriving local communities.

Our approach is to lead by example to encourage community residents, from all walks of life, collaborators, partners and friends to also implement sustainable practices in their daily lives.

We do the following every day to balance use and to minimise our impact on natural resources while operating our social enterprise:

  • our creative space is entirely fitted out with upcycled, repurposed furniture and street bounty fixtures
  • we opted ‘in’ for electricity supply sourced from renewables
  • we recycle all paper and plastics
  • we provide a battery drop-off point for the local community
  • encourage sustainable practices and decisions by our customers/participants and visitors
  • we choose to use and buy eco-friendly/recycled products
  • we reuse and repurpose bags, boxes, jars and totes that come with goods and supplies as a resource-saving strategy
  • we practice and encourage circularity and resource-saving in the form of a communal ‘reusery’ that keeps unwanted fabric, threads, art and craft materials out of landfill and available for free in a ‘take what you need give what you can’ cycle keeping products and materials in use for as long as possible
  • we make concerted efforts to reduce our environmental impact 


In the spirit of universal human rights where basic necessities are attainable and accessible by all and there are enough resources for communities to stay healthy and secure we:

  • aim to be a public leader that partners and collaborates creatively and with like minded organisations adn enterprises
  • aspire to be a creative cornerstone in our community
  • demonstrate through choices and actions we make and take
  • exist to advance wellbeing through creative practice
  • facilitate collaboration
  • cultivate individual agency
  • bridge differences
  • reflect community identity
  • generate resources and knowledge repositories
  • facilitate knowledge exchange
  • lower the barrier to entry
  • foster the value of local, friendly neighbourhoods
  • exist to ensure cultural continuity


Cultivator is self-funded social enterprise with the goal of cultivating transformative community spaces and societal improvements. To stay sviable and intact while providing a mix of programs that are accessible to many we stay alive by:

  • endeavouring to be financially sustainable through a hybrid model of in kind community donations and small business entrepreneurship
  • focusing on a specific group of people who enjoy and benefit from participating in Cultivator’s programs, events and activities
  • selling and supporting the works and goods of local artists and artisans
  • adhering to the multiplier effect

Love what we do? You can make a contribution and help us grow.

Last updated: March 16, 2022
Image attribution: photo montage by Cultivator

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